Why I Started a Writer’s Blog

Writer’s need to blog. Why?  I could say because we love to write and we have something to say. But truthfully, because we need to get that exposure that gives us creditability. When you submit stuff for publication you need a fan base to give you more leverage as you query.  I started this blog a few weeks ago. But I am not sure who is actually reading it. I found out that my face book page was not connected to it. So the first two entries have not been offered to my fb friends. 

I took a webinar on how to set up a free blog. The problem for me is I’m a hands on kinda girl. Don’t tell me work with me. My husband wasn’t home when I did the webinar- he’s a tell and do kinda guy. Eventually we had time to sit down and go over my webinar notes. They weren’t too great because I was slightly confused.  So my sweet hubby went through the tutorial and set up a blog for himself to learn how to use it. This is probably what I should have done if I wasn’t so timid and impatient with things like that. He spent hours yesterday trying to figure out what he did to get his blog to connect with face book so he could connect mine there too.

The goal of this post is to get my blog connected to my face book page. But because I want each post to have value for my readers I share my novice experience with blogging. I want to encourage my fellow writers to get their name out there by blogging. Don’t hesitate to get help setting one up from those more computer savvy.

Tips for new bloggers

Keep it on one theme.

 In my case I choose writers tips. I may start other blogs with other themes.

Keep your blog short try to stay under 500 words.

Bold print subtitles

Use the tutorial

Ask questions of the blog host site or your techie friends

Start with the free blog later you can upgrade to the fee level

Try to have fun with it. Even a novice writer has something to say that others will enjoy.  Go ahead take the plunge and blog along with me.

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