Scam Proof Your Writng Career

The following is a helpful article I found in a e-newsletter I subscribe to. Beth Ann Erickson’s tips may prove helpful as you explore varius publishing avenues.

Scam Proof Your Writing Career: The Two Second Sniff Test.
Beth Ann Erickson

I’ve been freelancing since ’95 and have owned a publishing biz for
over a decade. I’ve watched tons of changes in the industry, but
one caveat has remained unchanged since day one. If you aim to get
published and become a paid writer, if you want to avoid 99 percent
of the writing scams floating around the Internet, if you want to
be a respected writer, all you have to do it make sure you get paid
for your writing.

In other words, money flows towards the writer, not away from them.

Here’s the two second sniff test for any writing arrangement:

*  If a prospective agent demands a fee to read your work, it’s a

*  If an agent will represent you for a fee, it’s a scam.

*  If a publisher offers to publish your book for a fee, they’re
not legit.

*  If you’re accepted into an anthology for a fee, it’s a scam.
(Oh, and you should receive one free copy of the publication, you
shouldn’t have to purchase one.)

*  Publishers who spam, or place advertisements asking for
manuscripts are not legit.

* Google prospective publishers, editors, agents, to find out what
the current buzz is about them.

Simple truth is this: Publishers make money selling books. Agents
make money selling books. If any part of their income is derived
from author payments of any kind, reconsider working with them.

Pretty easy, eh? Now go forth and write. 🙂

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