Writer’s Holiday Guilt

Fellow writers are you feeling guilty because it’s hard to maintain a consistent writing schedule over the holidays. My days are so full.  I work extra hours because co-workers are taking time off.  Add to that all the holiday preparation. I spent most of yesterday cleaning my house and today I take my grandson on our annual shopping trip to buy gifts for his parents. I’ve done my own Christmas shopping, baked and wrote cards. I’ve directed, wrote and performed in my church’s Christmas program. My husband and I volunteered time to help another church do its Christmas gift mart for the poor. Oh, and let’s not forget painstakingly packing boxes to get the most bang for my postage bucks.

 Now with a few days until Christmas I am at last writing. What am I writing about? Christmas memories and everyday happening that float through my mind. Whether any of these thoughts make it beyond my face book notes or this blog remain to be seen. But I realize that the time I spend away from writing is fodder for future writing.  I have novel ideas, article ideas and skit revisions for future publications in my writing folder now.

Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time for everything under the sun. So the paraphrase King Solomon there is a time to write and a time to lay aside writing to experience life.

So, enjoy the season guilt-free knowing God is using this time to infuse your mind and heart with new things to pen for His Glory.