Writers need to Read Alot

I have heard on more than one occasion from people at writer’s conferences that they don’t have time to read. It’s not surprising that they have nothing published. Determined writers are prolific readers. They quote their favorite authors and compare and contrast and analyse them. Why? Because they want to figure out what it is about those authors writing technique that made them successful. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction reading alot is part of the process.  In my next few posts I plan to comment on some of the books I have  been reading the last few weeks.  I hope my observations will help other writers who read my blog.

I have Diann Mills. Jerry B Jenkins, Brandlyn Collins and others in a stack of read books and a growing stack of the same authors of yet to be read books. Let’s see how many I finish and what I observe. Feel free to add your comments about these same books.  I would love to have an ongoing dialogue.

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