Writers Time Can Be Robbed

Today I realized I have not posted to this blog since July. It takes time to compose and revise, edit and post. Time that can get robbed so easily.
My first thought was what have I done with my writing timer since July. Had I wasted it?
Let’s see.

  • I spent a lot of time revising the first three chapters of my novel to submit to interested parties.
  • I worked on some article and put together Bible study material to share on my trip to the Philippines in October.
  • Entered a writing contest.
  • Submitted some articles.
  • I helped write content for a website and brochures.
  • I blogged everyday on Hope Fellowship Outreach Facebook page while in the Philippines.
  • Came home to write some articles about my trip.
  • Prepare some guest blogs for Write It Sideways.

Phew!!! Glad to see I did write.

Life changes can rob writing time

My life has been turned upside down this year. My parents moved near me after living in Florida over 30 years. They need family help at this point in their lives. I spend part of the time I had relegated for writing on my days off with my parents. That means I have to prioritize my writing tasks. Unfortunately. I have come to the conclusion that I really need to work on that. I have missed blogging and doing interviews for this blog. I plan to put it back in my busy schedule.
So, readers look to see more posts in the future
What keeps you from writing everyday? What life changes have interrupted you?

One thought on “Writers Time Can Be Robbed

  1. Great post, Cindy! I could relate to it. In my case, I find I really have to carefully structure time to write because I have two children under three. Even though my family life is wonderful and provides a lot of fuel for writing, it also makes finding time for actual composition difficult. It looks like you were very productive even during your “time off” from the blog, though. Sometimes even when we’re busiest, we’re generating a lot of material. Ironically, I seem to have been most productive with writing since my children were born!


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