The Christmas season is always a time of giving, and beyond the usual present buying and treat making there were other opportunities that God appointed for me this season. Two of them were annual occurrences with a new twist, and the third was unexpected. All of them reminded me that my writing talents come from Him.
Christmas Letter Shines
As I was praying over what to write in our annual Christmas letter, God directed me to other bloggers’ sites where I realized that as a writer I should be doing this simple task more creatively. Most family Christmas letters are in micro tiny font so all the news fits on one page. If the font is colored and in script a magnifying glass is needed. There might be another page of family photos attached.
Inspired, our annual family Christmas letter took on a new look. We used a newspaper format with headlines for each family member with photos and cut lines. It was a lot more fun to do and easier on the eyes. Using a newsletter format allowed me to use larger more readable fonts. Because it was eye catching, no one will mind that it is four pages.
Christmas Skit Inspiration
Next, I found myself writing another skit for our Christmas “Give a Gift to Jesus” annual Sunday sharing time. I have become the official skit writer for my church often not only writing but performing and directing, as well. Years ago I wrote them for my family to do together, writing each part based on the skill level of the individual. Eventually, other church members asked for parts.
This year was a little different. I hadn’t even thought about a skit idea when a woman at church approached me with hers. She wanted to wear a nice formal dress someone had given her and thought that a game show theme would be great. She could be the Vanna White character. She had confidence that I would create a skit that allowed her to show off her new dress. If anyone else had asked me to write something to showcase her dress, I would have rolled my eyes, laughed and walked away. But this special woman with her limitations has sung boldly—albeit flat, danced clumsy steps with a jubilant spirit, and participated in any act of service at the church with a cheerful heart. How could I refuse this request? God gave me the theme, and an idea began to form in my mind.
I knew that my husband and I would not be enough characters in our play. Enlisting the help from two couples who have been in our productions in the past, I wrote the skit. The great part about writing to fit your actors, the characters are always hysterical. In no time I had crafted a “Let’s Make A Deal” parody based on the three temptations of Christ.
Writing an Appeal Letter
The latest writing project, originally not on my to-do list, was writing an emergency appeal letter for victims of the typhoon that struck southern Philippines. This is an area of the world near and dear to my heart. Conducting Bible Training there and working with the Bernasol Educational Foundation gave me the insights necessary to craft the letter.
Three Gifts for the Season
As I look back on these three writing projects I find it interesting that I gave three gifts of writing this season. A gift of joy as I shared with family and friends through our newsletter. A gift of service as I wrote a script so my friend could have the desire of her heart. The gift of compassion as my appeal letters stirs hearts to help those in crisis.
Three Gifts for Me
The benefit for me seeing my skit performed enabled me to see any areas that needed changing, correct the blocking and tweak it for submission. There are a variety of publications looking for new skit materials. The skit writing stretches my writing ability and is always fun both to do and perform. The kudos from those who see it always encourages me. The newsletter is non-fiction, but it challenges me to share family news in a way that is fun to read. Both projects renew my writer’s heart. The appeal letters reminds me to carefully craft my words and not to waste them. I realize as I end this blog that not only did I give three gifts to God this season, but He has given me three gifts of encouragement in return.