Writing With A House Full

My granddaughter Shyla and Marley are fast friends.

My granddaughter Shyla and Marley are fast friends.

My son Nathan and his family have returned to the US from Germany where he served in the US Army. They are transitioning to civilian life. Nate will head to college in June and there are lots of loose ends to tie up. His family of six is residing with me for an indefinite time. My hubby and I already have three other adult children and their dogs living here.(Blame it on the economy.) Yes that’s 11 people and three dogs.

Previous Schedule

I am anxious to regain some of my writing time while still enjoying my granddaughters. For awhile I had a system that worked. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my days off. That time was dedicated almost entirely to writing as well as parts of Saturday  and sometimes a part of Sunday.

More responsibilities

Two years ago God graciously arranged for my parents to move back to Illinois after 30 plus years in Florida. It has been a blessing to have them here but some of my writing time had to be sacrificed to be available for them.

More interruptions

Now that my household is filled to overflowing I need to adjust my time and shore up my determination to get the writing in. It’s only been a week and the furry residence are getting use to the noisy little humans. And all the adults are setting boundaries for all of them.

As the dust settles I need some encouraging words and helpful suggestions. My routine needs to be revamped. So, I am looking to my readers to share their experiences and time management ideas.

What have you done to reach not only writing goals but any goals while your house is full of additional residence?

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