Writing In The Bathtub


Is this a favorite place to write.


Have you ever written in the bathtub? As I move with my laptop to different areas of my home to write, it gives me a different perspective. The closest I have come to writing in the bathtub is brainstorming in the shower. Ideas always come when a relaxing stream of water is pouring over me. Unlike DiAnn Mills, I do not have a waterproof marker board in my shower to write down ideas. But I have found toting my laptop out of my office to a different venue helps refocus my writing.

Change your space

When I sit in the overstuffed chair in the family room, my back is more comfortable. Sitting at the dining table in natural light creates a different ambiance than overhead lighting. And finding a shady spot on my deck in warm weather allows the Vitamin D in the sunlight to revitalize my brain cells.

Some writers find they need to be in the same place every day in order to do their best work. I just need to be undisturbed and comfortable. All of the above-mentioned places are not always quiet and, if my arms or back ache, are not comfortable either.

Circumstances change your space

I once had my own office with a card table for my laptop. Then my son moved home, I had to surrender his bedroom back to him. Now, my desk is in my husband’s office. The desk I have there is designed for a desktop, and I find it uncomfortable to work at for extended periods of time.  Working on a computer at a desk at work all day can make my back too weary to continue in that position at home.

There is a desk in my bedroom that resembles a hospital tray table. I can work sitting up in bed. It has wheels so I can move it anywhere and use any chair by simply adjusting the height of the desk. All these options help me to find that perfect place to write.

Changing spaces causes creative juices to flow

We all know that for some unexplained reason that is just what is needed to get the creative juices flowing.  Some people have a special table at Starbucks with their special brew that gets them going.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with a new writing location when writer’s block hits even if that is the bathtub.


Where is your favorite place to write?


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4 thoughts on “Writing In The Bathtub

  1. Tammie Edington Shaw says:

    Yes, I get ideas in the shower, too and also when I take walks. I think I use my laptop and sit on the livingroom couch quite a bit, although I do have a desk in what use to be our dining room. But, I never thought of that board in the shower to write down ideas!


    • By the time I get out of the shower the idea isn’t as clear in my mind. My shower is too small for a marker board.Come to think of it so is my bathroom. How did we manage before laptops. We were forced to sit in a specific place. Even when I used a typewriter it was too awkward to move it around the house.


  2. My very favorite place to write is on my back porch, under a gazebo to shield the sun, on a beautiful sunny day that is not too hot. I also like to sit in Panera and write, but I don’t do it very often. Writing in the bath tub would be awesome, if not for the risk of electrocution.


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