Writers/Bloggers World Tour continues with John Turney

Whew, John Turney grabbed the last rung of the railing on the caboose to stay on the writers bloggers tour. He got derailed by an internet shutdown on his end but managed to get reroute and a little delayed. Check out his post at www.facebook.com/InnocentBloodEquinoxOfReckoning.

Author John Turney

Author John Turney

John is not only an author but an exceptional artist as well. His books are edgy and his answers to our four questions are insightful.

His latest novel Whiskey Sunrise is available for preorder.

Take time to peruse the pinterest board for the writer blog tour.


There’s some great books available or coming soon to add to your must-read list. They cover a variety of genres and non-fiction niches.

Check Out These Links For The Writers/Bloggers Tour

I wanted to post a couple of links today for those who are following the Writers/Bloggers World tour I’m on. Carol McAdams Moore is next up.

Check out the Pinterest Page Carol McAdams Moore has post so you can check out all the different writers on this tour. http://www.pinterest.com/cmcadamsmoore/writerblogger-world-tour/

Carol McAdams Moore_Author PhotoDon’t forget to stop at Carol’s blog, the next part of our tour.

Every writer on this tour answers those four questions differently. You’ll learn some interesting things about them and find some awesome books to purchase as well. If you’re in the mood to try something different. Follow my post backward starting with Gloria Doty and see who went before me.You’ll find some wonderful posts on a variety of subjects not all writing related.Your sure to find a new blog to follow along the way.

Post Your thoughts: What was something interesting you learned  while checking out the other author blogs and what books are now on your to read list?



Writer/Blogger World Tour: This is how I do it


When author Gloria Doty asked me to join this writers/blogger virtual world tour I hesitated for just a moment. Being part of such a great group is an honor. Jumping on this tour is a cool opportunity. Gloria authored the award winning book cIt shares her thirty year journey with her daughter Kalisha’s autism, Asperger’s and intellectual disabilities. Gloria shares her writing gift in a variety of publications.

Author Gloria Doty

Author Gloria Doty

Visit her blog, Montage Moments at: www.writingbygloria.com

Friend her on Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gloria.doty.98

Or follow her on twitter: https://twitter.com/detour27


During this tour each Writer/blogger is asked to answer four questions about their writing journey. There are no right answers. (That’s a relief.) So, I chose to share insights from my non-fiction writing as well as my current novel. I promise to be brief.

What am I working on?

My WIP is a historical romance. Secrets and Charades takes place in 1873. And the plot has many secrets and some interesting charades. (Did you catch my cleverness… any who.) Envision a female doctor running from her past by agreeing to be a mail order bride. Add an unsuspecting rancher with his own secrets and life gets complicated. I am working with my editors to whip it into shape. I have a contemporary romance novel in bits and pieces on my computer working title New Duet dealing with emotional abuse and PTSD. I have some flash fiction, devotionals and articles in my writing cue. I love doing book reviews and interviewing other authors for my blog. Just finished being a Beta reader for an up and coming thriller. That’s fun.

How does my work differ from other genres?

That is a subjective question. I write a lot like others do. My characters speak to me and I listen. A scripture or a situation opens my heart to a devotional. Skits are often formulated based on the ability of the actors. I guess I write from the heart more than the head.

Why do I write what I do?

Is it lame to say—because I must? Stories don’t let go until they’re in print. Some ideas don’t make it past the gatekeepers of my mind. Others find their way to paper. Everything I write whether it’s a novel, a short story or an article I want to honor God by giving my best.

How does your writing process work?

An idea sparks in my mind. I let it ruminate. While in the shower I talk through scenes, interview my characters. (Hey, no on hears me in there.) Secrets and Charades was a seat of the pants story. New Duets has a little more planning. Both required research, research, research. I spent a few months reading all sorts of books on women in the 1800s, especially doctors and diaries of homesteaders and settlers for Secrets and Charades. I interviewed re-enactors, visited museums, and the library was my friend. You can find stuff on the internet but not the details a book can give you. Much of what I read never made it into my book. When I write articles I do research too. Often I outline, tape interviews and take lots of notes. Scripts and skits are based on themes and may evolve as they are performed.


Now that you’ve heard my answers check out my two writing friends. I love what they share about their writing life.

John Turney is a mild-manner engineer by day with a wonderful wife and two grown sons. When he slips on his writer’s cape he pens fiction full of action and intrigue. He loves writing flash fiction which has appeared in Splickety magazine. John will be releasing his award winning second book Whiskey Sunrise soon. His debut novel Innocent Blood: Equinox of Reckoning a page turning fantasy is available on Amazon and his website.

Author John Turney

Author John Turney

Follow John on his Arthur page: My Facebook author page is https://www.facebook.com/InnocentBloodEquinoxOfReckoning

Book links:

Innocent Blood Published by Oak Tara

Whiskey Sunrise Published by Lighthouse of the Carolinas


Carol McAdams Moore writes for children and youth in the Christian and general markets. Her debut tween devos – Dare U 2 Open This Book and Just Sayin’ – will be released by Zonderkidz in October 2014. Additional writing credits include work for David C. Cook; Urban Ministries, Inc.; Christian Education Warehouse; Clubhouse; Clubhouse, Jr.; LifeWay magazines; and The Christian Communicator.

Her desire is that every child will answer Jesus’ call and discover God’s purpose for his or her own life. Carol McAdams Moore prays that they will discover . . . Jesus more amazing than we can imagine! ! !

Carol McAdams Moore_Author Photo

Carol McAdams Moore

Get to know Carol better, visit her online.

Blog  http://carolmcadamsmoore.blogspot.com/

Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/Carol.McAdams.Moore
Website    www.carolmcadamsmoore.com

Twitter    @CMcAdamsMoore

Pinterest    http://www.pinterest.com/cmcadamsmoore/

Visit Carol and John’s blog posts next Monday, July 21st to learn their answers. Why not grab a book while you’re there. 🙂




Author’s Anonymous Great Example of A Bad Critique Group

people meeting around table

This past Sunday I rented the comedy Author Anonymous because the premise intrigued me. Here we have six wanna-be writers in a writers group. Each a stereo-type of the worst type of critique group participant. The movie is a tongue-in-cheek documentary with scenes ranging from funny to ridiculous.

Cast of characters

Alan, a dentist, started the group because his wife Colette has a passion to get published. He admits he isn’t really a writer, but rather an idea guy. He records ideas for plots and character names on his hand-held recorder as the thoughts come. He never finishes anything. As the founder he leads the group with no real ability of his own.

Colette, a full-time stay at home writer. She has no kids, no responsibilities and it appears no real writing talent. Writing flowery, ridiculous erotic love scenes that book publishers keep rejecting. These rejection letters give her a neuroses of self-abasement that leads her to do foolish things to get agents attention.

John, a retiree is very opinionated and self-absorbed. He considers himself the next Tom Clancy. He too knows nothing about writing.

Henry suffers from writer’s block. He is a gifted writer but is often distracted by life and the newest member of the group Hannah. Henry reads extensively and can quote lines from Hemingway and the like.

William keeps bringing the same three pages. He is unemployed and always borrowing money from the group. Sleazy best describes him.

Hannah is the newbie. She took writing classes but has no college degree and feels inferior to the others in the group. She also is not a reader.

Check out Author Anonymous trailer: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/video/download/00051273/

What these characters teach us

Other than William, who is truly the most undesirable member, we can learn from the other characters.

Let’s start with Alan. His heart is in the right place. He pursues writing because he loves his wife. Being supportive does not mean you have to join a group together. It takes a special grace to accept critiques from your spouse. Starting a group to benefit someone you love is honorable but not really helpful. Leaders need to have a passion for the craft that propels them to a higher level. This passion encourages those in the group to grow as well.

Wanna-be Colette thrives on compliments. She wants to be the first published. And she breaks all the rules of networking and meeting publishers and agents. The results of her actions hurt her marriage and her credibility. We all start out as wanna-bes. It’s how we follow the road to success that can make or break us. Follow the example of successful writers who have gone before you. Don’t worry about whether you are the first to be published in your group or the last. Enjoy the journey.

Henry decorated his walls with rejection letters. Because of his writers block he comes to meeting after meeting with no pages. The group feels cheated because of the one-sided participation of Henry. Once he gets his priorities straight the words flow, and he eventually gets a publishing contract. Rejections and writers block are part of a writer’s life. How we handle it is the key. Write no matter what. Even uninspired words get us moving in the right direction. Take those uninspired pages to your group. Their input can unlock inspiration. Rejection letters are better than no response at all. If you are lucky, there may even be helpful advice or edits included in one of those letters.

Hannah is the most unrealistic character of all. She writes but does not read. She gets an agent and a contract right out the gate. To add insult to injury for the rest of the group, she gets a movie rights contract and a best-selling author to mentor her. And still she does not read. Writers who do not read are not the best writers. Ask any best-selling author what he reads and his list is extensive and varied. Writers can glean so much reading others works. Whether it is old classics or the latest top ten.

Attitude is everything

The reaction of the group to Hannah’s success can sadly be true. The other group members put on fake smiles and celebrate her good fortune. But walls come up. Everyone becomes jealous of Hannah, refusing to critique her work. They no longer want to help her improve her writing. (Getting a contract is only one rung on the ladder to success. Don’t be small about helping with needed editing.)

John, the guy with the giant ego becomes so jealous he goes the vanity publication route. No way is he going to let the newbie get published first. His book is printed in China and is available in a few weeks. The back cover is written in Chinese and the front cover of his novel Roaring Lion features a barking Chuhuahua. Although vanity publishing isn’t quite this bad, it can be pretty awful. Full of typos and lacking professional editing with odd covers and incorrect back cover information. (Let me clarify, I am not referring to self-publishing which is becoming an accepted route if done properly, i.e., well-written and edited manuscripts.) John’s book is published prematurely with no real marketing plan or network leads. His home is full of boxes of unsold books. He becomes bitter.

Jealousy makes the group toxic and ends with its demise. Critique members need to guard their hearts and seek to encourage each other to do their best and reach their goals. Giving sincere praise and encouragement when others are successful.

Let’s summarize

Critique groups fail or succeed based on the attitude of the group. Leaders should have a passion about writing and helping other writers. Their feet should be doing a happy dance for every success in the group. Newbies should feel nurtured but challenged to improve their skills. Sleazy people should be ejected from the group. And those who are only playing around as writers will leave on their own as the group continues to challenge one another.

I have been part of a wonderful critique group Word Weavers for almost four years. Click here to learn more about them.

Tell me what you love about your critique group?


TADA! Time to  announce the winner for last weeks Give-away. An autograph copy of John Turney’s novel Innocent Blood: Equinox of Reckoning is: Mary Deborah Dornedon. Congratualtions! Innocent Blood