Do You Have A Writer’s Brain?

Writer mind

This cartoon I found on http://www.seekerville .com inspired this post.

It never stops, never stops, never stops…. Can you relate? When I’m not actually sitting at my PC composing pros, my mind is racing from idea to idea. When I’m taking notes in church during the sermon, my mind starts forming a devotional or a what-if scenario. In the shower characters chat with me. While my husband is sharing a significant thought, my brain can be in a new dimension formulating questions for an interview.

Admit it. It really happens. I know I’m not the only one. Those with a writing passion have brains that never turn off. We don’t just see the world around us and say how beautiful or how tragic. We dig a little deeper. We are analyzing why the world is beautiful one moment and hideous the next. We don’t just admire her fashionable shoes; we wonder what compelled her to buy them. And why her friend is frumpy and how the two ever became friends.

photo template from

photo template from

Our minds never stop thinking when we go to bed. Instead of counting sleep to bring slumber, we put ourselves into an imaginary story that either pulls us into dreamland or takes us out of bed to jot down the story idea before it disappears with the sandman.

It can’t be helped. We are seekers of truth, realm builders and problem solvers. We wear many hats that influence our creativity. If I took a poll of all my writer Facebook friends, most spend their daytime hours as doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, receptionists, retail clerks and a myriad of other vocations while their minds spin tales and organize research facts. By the time these busy people sit down to write, so much pours out through their fingers onto the keyboard with lightning speed because its been filling the recesses of thought for hours and days waiting to be released.

I wish I could tell you a magic formula to turn it off. Because Lord knows, there are times an empty brain sounds heavenly. But it is my curse and blessing that must be managed and at the same time allowed to run free.

Even as I compose this blog, my mind is racing toward the next idea and my check list of writerly projects my fingers are eager to create on my keyboard. Alas, my day is full of family activities and this may be the only item completed on my list. The rest will wrestle for their place in my mind as I ruminate over changes to my novel, new blog posts and what new ideas need to be explored for articles or short stories.

How about you? Here’s your chance to admit your brain never stops thinking. I’d like to hear how you manage your overactive brain and what creative things are ruminating in your mind. Leave a comment.

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