A Simple, No-PC-Experience-Needed Writing Tool

250px-PostItNotePadThere’s a tool that many writer’s use that has no technology involved. Yet, technology has its own version as well. The Post-It Note, although invented by accident has become a mainstay in every office in America. Originally available only in yellow and in a square shape, it has evolved into the go-to note and place holder of any serious student. There’s an entire webstore dedicated to the little wonders.

Even my Scrivener program has a type of post-it note in its corkboard section. Windows has a sticky note application, as well. But nothing electronic can take the place of paper notes. As a writer, I use the little skinny ones to mark pages in my writer’s guide and pages in writing craft books. I use the square ones to stick notes to my laptop, alerting me when to post a blog, a note on a scene change, a story idea and other writerly things.tile-10

A fellow writer loves to use them to outline her story. Each note—usually the larger notecard size—contains key elements of a scene. The scenes are organized on the wall. They can be easily rearranged as she works through plot twists and flow.

Sticky notes can target places that need attention on the hard copy of your manuscript.

tile-8Whether you use the paper or electronic variety, you will find sticky notes a must for your writing tool box. I am a chronic list maker and note jotter so I love them.

How about you? Tell me how you use sticky notes in your writing life.


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