Five Quick Steps Toward More Mature Writing

I found this blog post by my friend Linda Yezak outstanding. I thought I’d repost it today for you all. I’d love for you to comment on the content.

Linda W. Yezak

Whenever I see a new client’s manuscript, I can tell almost instantly how mature the writing is just by flipping through a few pages. How? Because there are things that newbies do almost universally. But the good news is, of all the possible writing faux pas, these are the quickest and easiest to fix.

Here’s the caveat: These steps are primarily cosmetic. If an author hasn’t studied the craft, applying these quick remedies won’t help that much. But even newbies who have studied make these simple little “errors.” Taking steps to correct them is the fastest way to make your work appear more mature–even if you’re writing for kids.

Kill the adverbs: You’ve seen this said before. It didn’t originate with me. Be merciless. There are better ways to describe and stronger verbs to use. Using adverbs is quick and easy–and lazy. Don’t cheat your readers. Kill the adverbs.

Go easy on the specialty punctuation:

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