Conference Tip #1 Writers need Business Cards

Because I am gearing up for the Write To Publish conference again this year I thought I’d repost my conference tips from last year. Many of my readers found them helpful. I’ll repost one or two each week, Please leave comments with your own suggestion on each topic. I always love to learn from others.


businesscard11 This business card is perfect for an artist but may not give the vibe you want as a writer. Whether you print your own with a template or order them be sure to have business cards before you attend a conference.

My yearly conference is coming up in a few weeks so I thought I’d share what you need to bring to make your conference experience the best it can be. If you’ve never attended one before I hope these tips will erase the deer-in-the-headlights feeling for you. Hopefully, it will give you a bit of confidence as well. There are many things you need to do to get prepared for a writer’s conference, so twice a week I will post a few details about items on my to-do list.

Today we are going to talk about business cards. Never attend a conference without them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve…

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