How God Answered This Writer’s Fleece


My fleece before the Lord involved finances not sheepskin.

In 2006 while on a mission trip in the Philippines I heard the Lord stirring in my heart to get serious about writing again. I’d put it aside as my life got busier and my discouragement heightened regarding getting paid for publication. I was alone on my writing journey and tired of the whole thing. But the prompting wouldn’t go away. When I arrived home, I challenged the Lord as Gideon had. I placed a fleece before God. “If you really want me to write again, I want to take this online writing course presented through the Christian Writer’s Guild. It’s pretty pricey and I don’t have the funds. If you want me to do this, provide the tuition.”

I’m sure God laughed at my resistance and at the same time said. “Cindy, watch how I answer this challenge.”

Shortly after I shared my fleece challenge with my husband, I got a letter in the mail. Months earlier I had received a letter from the same law firm regarding a class action suit against a car dealership. Apparently, they had run credit checks on mass numbers of people before sending out ads for their sale. This is illegal and the company was being sued. I was on the list of defendants. I thought at the time, “Why not.” I figured I would get a few dollars.

Well, the most recent letter confirmed I was receiving a settlement. I followed all the directions in the letter. Even confirming the law firm and lawsuit were legitimate before giving them my social security number. When the check arrived it was exactly what I needed to pay for the course. God couldn’t have made it any clearer. I enrolled in the two-year course, completing it in a year. When provides such clear direction you don’t mess around.

Next, I asked God for provision to attend the Writing for the Soul conference in Colorado, put on by Jerry Jenkins founder of the Christian Writer’s Guild. He reminded me I had enough credit card points to provide my airfare. I had never before redeemed any points and didn’t realize tickets were an


Jerry Jenkins and I


On the plane I sat with an author who told me how to write an elevator pitch. (I didn’t even know what that was.) At the conference, Susan King, editor of the Upper Room gave me tips on how to approach editors and publishers during appointments. I meet lots of writes at various stages of their careers and made new friends. I signed up for the journeymen course through CWG for fiction writing.

I was walking the path God had laid out for me and there was no turning back. I had to develop thick-skin and quell jealousy when it appeared someone’s path to publication was easier than mine. I struggled with prioritizing and allowing myself the pleasure of the writer’s moniker. (I still do.)

In the past ten years I have attended a writer’s conference every year. Although it is usually Write to Publish which is in my own backyard in Wheaton, Illinois. Looking back over these years I’ve seen how much one fleece has given me boldness to ask God for more direction. He continues to bring people and opportunities into my life that reinforce God’s calling to write.

The path gets rocky and hairpin curves abound but I know this is the journey he has set me on. It is up to me whether I will continue following his direction or, as in the past, sideline myself. I think this time I will reach my goal of multiple books published. God had provided support through other writers, their blogs, writing books and conferences. He has placed me in a community of wordsmiths whose goal I have embraced. We help one another get published and fulfill God’s calling on our lives. If not for that fleece and His clear answer I know I won’t be continuing on this less that glamorous undertaking.


What are your writing goals? What is happening in your life to guide you to your goals? Do you sense God’s leading? Please share with me in the comments; I’d love to hear about it.

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10 thoughts on “How God Answered This Writer’s Fleece

  1. Naomi koesler says:

    Thanks for sharing, great testimony for His glory! Please call me when you have a moment. Thanks, may He multiply !


  2. Needed to hear this! Was on the verge of giving up this year, almost not attending WTP. Put out my own fleece and God made it clear I need to be there. So good to hear your story & the outcome.


  3. Cherrilynn Bisbano says:

    God is so good. I did not want to write. I speak. Ladies approached me for books that corresponded with the teaching. “I don’t write” was my apt reply. God made it more than evident that he wanted me to write at the 2014 New England Christian Writers retreat. Since that day I have become the Associate Editor of the Christian online writing site, Almost an Author and have a book contract. God gets all the glory. I learn daily. I just joined Jerry’s Guild and look forward to sharpening my writing tools. Thank you for sharing your story.


  4. What a sweet story of God’s provisions. Thanks so much for sharing. If you have time, I would like to answer your three questions.

    I am going to answer the last question first because I usually do things differently. Do I feel God leading me? Oh yes, I don’t remember the actual date or time, but I do know where I was when I truly felt that I had a call in my life. I was at a Women of Joy Conference with my church family. I would like to say that when I felt the call from God at the conference that I obeyed right away. Honestly, it has been a very hard struggle and people have heard me say, I have had my “Nineveh” experience

    I was saved as an adult. I made a decision for Christ as a teenager but it wasn’t until my married years that I truly accepted Christ and He became very personal to me. I had the head knowledge but I was missing the heart connection with the strong relationship.
    Now, however, thanks to my loving family, many tears and sleepless night, I am on the right path. I have a children’s book coming out soon, called Blessings to Betsy. That is a story by itself.

    For years, I have struggled with self- esteem but just tonight, my 17 year old daughter told me that since I have truly been writing that she has seen my confidence grow in myself. She is not the first person to tell me this. I am noticing for the first time that several things are taking place just for me and it is a very humbling and honoring experience. Since I have become a serious writer people have been put in my path that otherwise, I would not have ever crossed paths with in this lifetime. These people are precious to me now.

    My writing goals are to enjoy what I write and for my writing to be positive and reflect on the strong qualities of God and being united with your church family and overall family. My overall goal is to inspire people to do the one thing in their life that they have always wanted to do. For me, it is getting my book published. I don’t know if my writing will become a full career but two ladies have told me that my story has inspired them and my book is not even published yet.

    Dreams come true in all ages of our life. I am 39 years old…..

    Thank you!


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