Conference Tip # 9 Dress For Success

I’m getting ready to go through my closet to choose wardrobe for my time at the Write To Publish Conference coming up next week. Looking your best definitely applies to a writer’s conference. Check out Conference Tip # 9.


Often people envision a writer as some shy soul who wears out-of-date clothes and blends in with the walls. At a conference be sure to project a different image. Dress for success is an old adage that still holds true. Don’t clone the look of your favorite author. Aim for conservative and comfortable.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on wardrobe, but you do need to leave your lounge pants, shorts and flip flops at home. (Flip flops might be Ok at a conference in Hawaii or Florida.) Choose clothes that reflect a serious attitude. You’re at the conference to meet people, get leads and promote your manuscripts. Dress so you are approachable.

Casual business defined.

Women’s business casual consists of dresses and skirts in conservative lengths. Slacks, not jeans; tops, not t-shirts; and avoid denim. If you want to pack light, think of mix and matching. Neutral shades…

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4 thoughts on “Conference Tip # 9 Dress For Success

  1. I remember writing a post similar to this before an ACFW conference. You’re so right to stress it! This is our profession. We may be able to do our work in our bunny slippers, but when we’re with potential agents and publishers, we should look professional. When we treat this as a career, we tend to take it and ourselves more seriously, and everyone else will take us more seriously.

    Terrific post, Cindy!


  2. And yet there are still people who attend conferences in T shirts, shorts and flip flop.Maybe that’s business casual in Florida. LOL Looking your very best could be the difference in whether agents or publishers take you seriously.


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