Let’s Talk Dialogue

Monday is not my normal blog day. But I just had to reblog Linda Yezak’s excellent post on dialogue.

Linda W. Yezak


Ever since our vocabulary extended beyond “Mama” and “Dada,” most of us have been engaged in verbal communication, although true communication is rarely limited to voice alone. Human dialogue, human interaction, is a complex series of mechanisms that dictate how information is communicated and received. It isn’t as simple as one person talking and another listening. Communication embodies the entirety of each person involved in the conversation:

  • Personal Background and Experiences
  • Personal Influencers–family, friends, workmates, casual companions
  • Attitude
  • Biases
  • General Emotional Framework

Information is presented by the speaker from the basis of who he is, but it’s not limited to what he says. Other factors either clarify his words or confuse the listener:

  • Tone of Voice
  • Body Language/Physical Stance
  • Facial Expressions
  • Gestures
  • Current Environment/Situation

During conversation, the speaker can gauge whether his message is being received as intended by regarding the listener’s body language/physical stance and facial expression–two elements of…

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