The Importance of the Copy Edit

This is a great reminder. Never leave out any part of the editing process. Hope all of you find Linda’s honest confession as helpful as I did. Thank you Linda for allowing me to repost this.

Linda W. Yezak

A friend is doing a massive favor for me and the other authors of a collection we’ve already released. She’s doing the copy edit we should’ve done to begin with.

Even though I had already edited the bulk of the stories included in the collection, our friend is finding a gazillion mistakes. She says she hates going in and editing after someone else has edited because she’s afraid she’ll offend the other editor.

Far from the truth. Actually, it shores up my contention that manuscripts need at least two edits prior to release.

I’m primarily a content editor. My friend is a copy editor. The things that I pay most attention to pertain to the craft of writing; the things she pays most attention to pertain to the mechanics of writing. The mistakes she’s finding in our novellas pertain to the mechanics—things I tend to overlook as the first-round editor.

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of the Copy Edit

  1. Some times authors get in a hurry. If not with our books than articles, blogs etc and we don’t see our editing errors. Extra eyes are a no-brainer but we all forget to use them. Thanks for letting me share.


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