Processing Rejection and Life Events

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This has not been the week I’d hoped it’d be. This has not been the month so far, I expected. Good thing I didn’t join NANOWRIMO because most of my days have had zero writing in them from November 1st.

I’ve always been told life happens and you need to adjust. Well, a family member recovering from a stroke is a definite life event my husband and I weren’t expecting? (Family member is not hubby and will remain anonymous.) The patient is recovering well but having my day interrupted with home health care nurses and physical therapist is not conducive to writing.

maxwell finalists

Award and Rejection

Those of you who follow me on Facebook saw my announcement of winning the Maxwell Award for Secrets & Charades. Third place is awesome considering the point spread between first and third was minimal. That was on Saturday. Just two hours after Bride in Disguise (The sequel to S & C) was rejected by the pub board. So, that put a damper on the award. I don’t get emotional over these things immediately.  Rather, I have a delayed reaction. So, this week was grief and confusion mode for me. I’m sensing I need to just knuckle down and rewrite the thing to resubmit. (They said I could.)

I imagine I won’t start until next week or even December. Why? Rejection takes times to process. Courage takes time to emerge. And with health care workers invading my space I get overwhelmed. Honestly, health care workers are one more acrobat standing on the shoulders of other unexpected trials over the past few years.

Adjusting to life

Once my emotions and brain have wrapped themselves around the new normal, I will get back in the writing groove. This blog is a day late because Wednesday was the apex of my emotional downer. Thursday things seemed more normal. So, I’m posting on Friday to keep my two posts a week going.

I want to ask what you do when the acrobats of need weigh down your emotions and stymie your writing life? Please leave a comment.


Also, congratulations to Heather Roberts the winner of Shellie Arnold’s eBook Abide in Me.





11 thoughts on “Processing Rejection and Life Events

  1. Jennifer Hallmark says:

    I usually get mad at myself and don’t react well. I scold myself for not being superhuman. At some point, I realize how ridiculous that is and them try to come up with a plan. Or I start a solitaire marathon…

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    • Appreciate your honesty Jennifer. I don’t get mad-just depressed and have to deal with doubts. You’d think after being rejected as much as I have with previous manuscripts I’d be a pro at brushing it off. My human DNA makes that almost impossible.


  2. I generally feel sorry for myself and waste a bunch of time on Facebook or do “research” that devolves from its intended purpose to watching videos on YouTube. After an appropriate (my definition, not yours) time, I get over myself and sit up and work into the night when it’s quiet and nobody is bothering me. In the end, I scold myself for allowing outside matters that really don’t matter get in the way and try to remind myself what my purpose in writing really is, anyway.

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  3. The sequel to Land of My Dreams was rejected after three years and two rewrites. I found out in person at BRMCWC. I walked out of the hall, sat on a bench, and stared at the wall. I was surrounded by writers asking about it and has to say it was rejected. I had a couple of weepy days, then decided they weeren’t going to beat me. I asked about rewriting in a different genre. They said yes. I’m proofreading to send to an editor now.


  4. Norma, You were my inspiration to go ahead and rework this one. Writing is not an easy career and your story reminded me of my dream and purpose. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to read your sequel. I loved Land of My Dreams. So well-written.


  5. Kristen Harmon says:

    This is a great insight, Cindy. “Rejection takes times to process. Courage takes time to emerge.” Sometimes time helps gain perspective as you mentioned. Also, taking some quiet moments to reflect on how you want to receive the information and what you find to be true. In this case, questions like, “Do I agree that there should be a re-write?” If not, “Should I submit to another publisher?” “Is there something I can learn from this, truth I can grow from?” Or “Do I find this feedback untrue and something I should disregard?”


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