A Writer’s Thankful List

Writer's thankful list

Writing requires getting words on a page. Lots of words on a page is what we do. At times it can be a thankless pursuit. In order to refocus my mind from the attitude “this is too hard” to “I am having fun” I created a thankful list in no particular order of importance.

  1. I am thankful for computers and spell check.

When I first began this writing journey it was with a typewriter, carbon paper and white out. Bleh!!!


  1. I am thankful for the internet.

Research questions answers a key stroke away. I love the library but not leaving the house is golden.


  1. I am thankful for writing blogs.

So much information and encouragement to remind me I am a writer.


  1. I am thankful for e-mail.

No more sending proposals and query letter snail mail. No additional expenses to send my manuscript to several publishers at once.


  1. I am thankful for social media.

Connecting with my fans and other authors is wonderful.


  1. I am thankful for reviews.

Good, bad or quizzical. They remind me that real people read my words.


  1. I am thankful for my critique group.

Without my Word Weaver partners, I would still be unpublished.


  1. I am thankful for the friendships I’ve forged with fellow-writers.

They’ve mentored, encouraged and opened doors for me.


  1. I am thankful for a supportive family who brag about me to their friends.

Making me feel so loved.


  1. Most importantly, I am thankful to Jesus for the gift of words.


What’s on your thankful list?




8 thoughts on “A Writer’s Thankful List

  1. Your list is a great one! I’m thankful for many things as well, to list so few is a pretty tough feat! Most all of what is on your list I’m also thankful for.

    I’m thankful for great books that take me to places and times I’ve never(or even could never) go myself.

    I am thankful for quiet moments of reflection after a busy day.

    I am thankful for my dog, Lil’ Bell, I have some mild anxiety and she always helps me feel better/calm when I begin to feel overwhelmed.

    I am thankful for my faith, it helps me stay grounded and keeps me on a path for which I can hopefully help others.

    I am thankful that I get to do what I love every single day, and help readers discover amazing books in the process.

    I am thankful for Netflix, so when I need to unwind after a wonderfully busy week, I can binge watch my favorite shows.

    I am thankful for book blogs, I’ve discovered many of my favorite novels, on my favorite blogs.

    I’m thankful for my iPhone, as silly as that may sound, I have many applications that make my day much easier and more productive.

    I am thankful for this time of year, it always feels like people are a lot more joyful and friendly, I just wish that that could be a year-round thing and not holiday specific!

    I know that it was in your post, but I am really truly thankful for my family and great friends! I don’t know what I’d do without them, and hope I never have to know

    Lastly, I am thankful for Edy’s Texas Pecan Pie Ice Cream because sometimes, it’s the little things 😉


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