Interview with Author Pegg Thomas and a Warm Giveaway

Today I welcome Pegg Thomas, author, editor and knitter to Jubilee Writer. I love reading her novellas and am happy to have her share her writing journey with my readers.  Take it away, Pegg.


My writing journey was the product of a long-held idea and the dreaded empty nest. With time heavy on my hands I finally picked up a pen and started to write. It was dreadful. Really dreadful. Poke-your-eye-out-with-a-fork dreadful. Then I heard about something called a writers conference. I attended one and realized how much I didn’t know. Seven years later—after a lot of learning and writing—I signed my first contract.

Your latest novella is a “write what know” story.  Full of sheep, weaving and your love of history.

My latest project is near and dear to my heart. In Sheep’s Clothing is part of A Bouquet of Brides Collection. My heroine, Yarrow Fenn, is a spinner and a weaver. I learned to spin at the age of 16 which was *mumble* years ago. While I’m primarily a knitter, I have done some weaving too. I also raise sheep. One of the characters in In Sheep’s Clothing is a little lamb named Meadowsweet. So I guess you could say that a whole lot of “me” wound up in this story.

What inspired you to write In Sheep’s Clothing?

It started when I read about the Wool Act signed in 1699 by King William III while history-geeking on the internet one day. The idea germinated for a couple of months. When I was asked to write for this collection, I pulled it from the back burner of my brain and fleshed it out.


Do you have a favorite verse that resonates with you?

As a shepherd, John 10:27-29 is my favorite passage:

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.

Who is your best support system to keep you focused on your writing?

That would be the Quid Pro Quills, my awesome and invaluable critique group; Robin Patchen, Jericha Kingston, Kara Hunt, Marge Wiebe, and Candice Sue Patterson. These ladies are a force of nature. They have dragged me—often kicking and screaming—to be a better writer. They aren’t cheerleaders, they are slave drivers, and I owe any success I have to them.

An exciting giveaway

To celebrate the release of A Bouquet of Brides Collection, I’m giving away The Meadowsweet Shawl to one subscriber to my newsletter. If you don’t already subscribe, click here to sign up. I promise not to fill your inbox. Drawing will be January 31st.


More about Pegg

Pegg Thomas lives on a hobby farm in Northern Michigan with Michael, her husband of *mumble* years. A life-long history geek, she writes “History with a Touch of Humor.” When not working or writing, Pegg can be found in her barn, her garden, her kitchen, or sitting at her spinning wheel creating yarn to turn into her signature wool shawls.

Pegg, thanks so much for coming by for a visit. The shawl is beautiful and I’m sure whoever wins it will be the envy of all her friends.  And I know your newsletter is really cool. 

Learn more about Pegg Thomas  and her books at the links below.









6 thoughts on “Interview with Author Pegg Thomas and a Warm Giveaway

  1. gkittleson says:

    Pegg, my friend, a nationally known knitting instructor (maybe she uses your yarn), is going to love your work! Good to learn about it/you here.


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