Writers Need Time to Recharge



On the road to a relaxing destination of your choice.



As writers we need a getaway from time to time. All work and no play can turn our creativity into mush.

A getaway forces me to kick it up a notch as the vacation approaches, so I am freer to enjoy the time away. Afterwards, I’ll be better able to focus on finishing my contracted work by being well-rested and relaxed.

bed bedroom blue brown

Photo by Digital Buggu on Pexels.com Bed & Breakfast to sleep the day away to regenerate your writing muse.

I have mixed emotions about my upcoming getaway. My daughters gave my husband and I an all-expense paid B&B getaway. That was at Christmas, and it’s taken months to find time to squeeze it into our busy schedules. Even now with a deadline looming, frustration tries to creep in, causing me to doubt the timing. But we need this. Three days of “we” time with no other responsibilities. A time for relaxation and recharging.

Anyone who thinks a writer’s life is easy has never lived it. And now that I’ve more novels coming up and more ideas to frame—not to mention marketing—I’m far busier than ever before and much more tired. My time is not my own.  I don’t get to clock out and enjoy a day off.

We planned this time and we worked the plan. I’ve got guest blogs covering next week’s Jubilee Writer blog and worked ahead in my novella so I’m still on schedule.

Do the same for yourself. Plan time off. Whether it’s a week at the beach, touring museums, hiking or sleeping ‘til noon—do it.



I love museums. This was taken at the Confederate White House Museum in Richmond Virginia.


Break away as often as you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a solid relationship with those you love.

What kind of getaway do you enjoy to recharge you for




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6 thoughts on “Writers Need Time to Recharge

  1. Thank you for this post Cindy. I pray you receive a fresh anointing on your marriage as well as your writing God has called you to. Getaways clear my mind and I seem to return with a more open mind. Yet, I dream of a getaway just for writing!


  2. For me, it’s camping. My favorite place is on the shore of Lake Superior. Almost no cell service. Almost no radio reception. Just the lake, the trees, some freighters floating by, a campfire, and my dog on my lap. Pure bliss.

    This is really good advice. I was first told to “take time to play” by Lynn Austin. It works for her, it’ll work for the rest of us too.


    • Love the idea of camping, Pegg! For me, I just started carving out time for 24 hour silence retreats, to listen more clearly to God and what’s next in my life and writing. I go away to a retreat center with a friend or stay at home and rest.

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  3. gkittleson says:

    I don’t do this often enough. My old “money neurosis” rises and gripes about the cost of a trip, etc. But I listen less and less…in winter, I get a huge, long break, but know I ought to take some little ones, too. One good thing…when I DO go even for a shopping trip to our closest “big” town, it does wonders.
    Thanks for this post, Cindy.


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