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Since I started this blog in 2010 I’ve shared a variety of writerly things and interviewed some fantastic authors. Today I decided to open it up to my readers to give me suggestions. What writerly things would you like to see on my blog? Are there favorite authors or upcoming authors you’d like to see on my site? I want to always be relevant so share with me your ideas.

What is one or a few things you’d love to know more about as a writer? Do you have some writing tips you’d love to share?



Secrets & Charades has won three awards


Post your ideas here and I’ll get on them. I’ll bring guests aboard to address things that I lack knowledge.

I hate to post a blog for the sake of posting one. There are times I only post once a week rather than twice because I didn’t have something of value to share.



New Duet is more than just a romance.


Asking you all for input will continue to bring value to Jubilee Writer.

I want to be the best encouragement I can for fellow-writers. Tell me what you need.

If you would rather email me or message me on Facebook you may. Please don’t ask me to post negative things about anyone in the writing field.



Secrets & Charades audio version is doing well. Meghan Kelley is a wonderful narrator.



Looking forward to your ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Tell me what you really really want

  1. cydnotter says:

    Hi Cindy, I’d like to know more about successful online Book Launches. I’m under contract for my first book, The “Plan A” Diet, which combines healthy eating with the wisdom of scripture. My goal is to set up a pre-order deal in the spring, where if readers will pre-order, they’ll receive a free PDF or something similar. That means I’ll need a landing page of some sort where they can retrieve the freebie automatically. I haven’t begun to explore this yet, but would appreciate input. I’ll also need to begin taking credit cards on my website (I can already take PayPal) – any advice on that? Lastly, when you sell books in a public arena, do you use the ‘square’ for credit cards? This is new territory for me – lots of questions. Thanks!


    • Great questions. I know people and some of this I’ve already waded through. A couple I’ll give you a few quick answers here. The square is so easy to use. Defintely want that. Be sure you have internet access where you use it. I now have a hotspot on my phone in case I’m at a festival outside or the internet in the building is iffy. In my archives you’ll find an article about the square. Now a chip version is available. Also, don’t forget to charge sales tax or add that to the price in the public arena. You’ll need to set up quarterly payment with your state. I’ll add your questions to my list. Thanks so much for sharing.


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