A Successful Author Fair



Here I am at White Oak Author Fair in Crest Hill Illinios. Note I didn’t bring a lot of books because sales is not the focus.  This library treated the authors well, even provided lunch.


How to get the most out of Author Fairs

In case you haven’t guessed Library Author Fairs are not to sell books. Which is why I am very selective about the ones I attend. That is a day of my life I can’t get back, so I try to choose wisely. A well-run fair like the one I attended recently, can be of benefit to you as an author.

Let me list the ways

  1. Exposure

Smile and chat with readers who walk by. Have lots of bookmarks and other swag available for passersby to take. Invite FB friends and family to stop by.

  1. Grow your email addresses

I offered a chance to win a $10 Amazon card for signing up for my e-newsletter.  I got more names then I sold books. Those I hope to convert to fans as they receive my monthly e-newsletter.



Author Mary Lynette More stopped by and agreed to guest on my blog


  1. Networking

I love to interview authors for this blog. I found some interesting ones to add to my calendar. Fairs are a time to share information such as advertising tips, best places to have book signings and find other serious writers to form writer’s groups or just hang out with. I make it a point to do something for other authors if I can, you never know when a connection will be advantage in the future.

  1. Donate your books

Check first to be sure your book will be displayed on a shelf rather than sold. Having your book on a local library shelf is huge. That donation is tax deductible by the way.

  1. Sell books

Yes, you may or may not sell any books. The average is 1-5. The co-authors at the table next to me sold out because family members and friends of one of the authors made it a point to come to the event. (refer to tip #1)


Writers what has  been your experience at Author Fairs ?

Readers why do you attend author fairs?

Don’t forget to subscribe before you leave if you want to recieve author interviews and other writerly things in your email.



2 thoughts on “A Successful Author Fair

  1. Great suggestions Cindy. A local library celebrates Indy Author Day every October and I’ve participated in that a couple of times. Expectations of selling a load of books at a library are likely not reasonable. After all, most people who walk in the library door are there to borrow books and not to buy them. I’ve never sold but a few at any library events, but the exposure is priceless. I’ve found when selling my books at events such as this or craft fairs or authorfests that many are surprised to find out I am the author of the books on my table. I love your idea of offering an Amazon card prize drawing to have people sign up for your newsletter. At events where I am presenting, I do something similar by offering a “gift basket” that includes a couple free books (not the one I’m currently promoting) and other goodies. But that can get pricey for me. I’m going to keep the Amazon gift card in mind!


  2. Preparing for two upcoming events where I will be able to sell copies of my recently published children’s book, “Licky the Lizard”. Thank you for these valuable tips. I will have some bookmarks and stickers to hand out, too.


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