Four of my Favorite Writer Christmas Gifts

Let me give you four special gifts you might want to give your writer family member or friend. We writers are often not taken seriously for our career choice. these gifts will show so much support. These are the kinds of gifts I would love to receive.


Allowing the writer in your life the freedom to sit at the computer and write, uninterrupted is a big blessing. It is so easy to put other things first and leave the writing until their creative juices are all drained. Spouse entertain the kids, take over household chores during that time. Drive them to the library and wait for them to call for a pick-up. Time to read craft books, time to listen to webinars will keep them inspired and happy.


Send over a precooked meal that can be warmed when the writer gets hungry or her family. 😊 Send their favorite treats to munch on while creating. Don’t cook—send their favorite take-out to them. Lots of food delivery options to make it easy. Husbands cook dinner for the family or over the weekend, whenever your wife needs time to meet a deadline.


Readers post reviews after you read their books. Even if you think the author doesn’t need your review post it anyway. The latest review goes to the top of the pile. Reviews help promote their work and encourage others to buy the book.


Send a note of encouragement after reading their book. while they are in the process of writing and especially if they are not published yet. We get easily discouraged and your praise fuels us.


What is your favorite Christmas gift to give the writers you know?




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