Faith and Frontier Party Room: a new kind of online book party.

Tomorrow several Smitten authors will have their Facebook party in a group rather than an event. We are excited to see how the party goes with over 300 people joining our group. We wanted to have a party to bring some fun to all our social distancing. Maybe each of us will gain some new readers. Each of us will enjoy sharing about our novels and giving away some prizes.

Here’s the link to the party.

We are trying something different by making our party a group. Facebook recently has made events difficult. the Facebook police will block you if you comment too much during an event. So weird. We will see how this goes. I’m excited to see how the group party compares to an event party.

Part of learning the marketing curve is to be flexible when the social media you use changes how it responds to posts.

My time is 6pm EST I’d love to have you join the party. I’ll be sharing insights into my what if moments and my characters. I’ll be giving away a $10 Panera e-card to support the restaurant industry during this tough time. And the grand prize is a $50 e-card. There will be book giveaways and fun posts. Come join the fun and support authors during these uncertain times.

Hope to see you there. Here’s a few mes for both of my Historical Romances.


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