How not to present Back Cover Copy for Marketing

What is and How to send back cover copy

Today I want to talk a little about back cover copy and a lot about how not to send it to bloggers and use it for memes. Back Cover copy is the blurb that appears on the back of your book that gives a teaser about your book. This is the first thing most people in a bookstore will read to decide if they want to buy your book. It’s what draws readers to check your book at the library. Back cover copy is used on Amazon, your publisher’s website and your own website. Again this is how readers decide to purchase your book. It’s harder to write than the book because it needs to be brief and snappy to draw them in.

Notice how you can’t read the back cover copy. This is great on the book when displayed for sale, but not what you send to a blogger, magazine editor or put on a meme.

Now that I’ve made that clear let me share a very amateur thing that new writers do. I’ll use this blog as an example. My submission guidelines ask for back cover copy. On occasion, I get sent a picture of the back of their book. See my example above. This is not what I wanted. The word doc of the BCC copy or a copy of what is printed on Amazon or your website describing your book. A photo of the back-cover copy is hard to read because the print is small. And if you put the photo of the back-cover copy on a meme it is also hard to read. Grabbing a key sentence, the tagline or a review quote is a better choice for a meme about your book.

Back cover copy needs to appear differently in different arenas. All the background color is awesome on a book I can place in my hands. But for an electronic book, it can be a challenge to read. As a blogger, I won’t post something that won’t help the author make a sale or add a follower. I have the time to go to Amazon or your website and pull off the book blurb for my blog, but other bloggers may not and won’t bother. They may just leave the description off altogether. Have the word doc version of your back-cover blurb ready to send out to whoever requests it. Your media kit should have a separate item for the book blurb. Again, those who are helping promote you will have easy access to that key piece of information.

I hope these comments help you as you market your book on various blogs. Happy book selling.