Two Lists to Inspire Writers in the New Year

This year rather than making resolutions I decided to make two goal lists. (Those who know me know I strive on lists. J) I hope they will help me achieve two simple goals. Write more and increase the number of published words I produce this year. In theory the lists should help me pull myself back on track when….

I need to write but dinner needs preparing. I need to edit but I have to help with homework. I need to create a blog but I’m exhausted from work. My chore list grows along with my to-do-writing list. AHHHHHH! I hope instead to take a breath and review my lists. They are inspired by two overused phrases from Disney movies.

let it go

Let it Go

  • Stop trying to cram too much into every day.
  • Give myself permission to say no. I don’t have to do all things for all people.
  • Resist the fear of rejection.
  • Everyone has an opinion, allow them to express it and move on. My housekeeping prowess does not reflect on my ability to achieve other goals.
  • Not every negative critique or review defines who I am. Shift through them, find the gems and throw the rest away.
  • Reject the Lie that I am not good enough.
  • Forgo time spent on things that don’t advance my goals or hold any eternal value.
  • Ignore comments from friends who don’t understand my goals and insist my time could be better spent.
  • Turn away for a time from the manuscript I’ve been tweaking and move on to the next story stirring in my heart.


Get’er Done

  • Spend time reviving my spirit and exercising my body so my mind is fresh and inspired to write.
  • Achieve my word count goal every day.
  • Set aside time to write.
  • Grab moments every chance I get to put my ideas on paper.
  • Say No to things that rob time I could spend writing.
  • Balance marketing and social media with writing.
  • Take time to read craft books, listen to webinars and learn more about my craft.
  • Plan writing projects and stick to the plan.


What would you add to this list? I’d love to know.

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