Colors in My Mind: Releasing Creativity through Hobbies

coloring  pages

Adult Coloring books release stress and stimulate creativity.

I rediscovered a wonderful way to relax and destress. A way to get the juices flowing again in the creative side of my brain. I’d seen adult coloring books while Christmas shopping. Adult is probably not the best word to connect with coloring books—but I digress. I now have one thanks to my son blessing me. The intricate patterns force me to slow down and take my time.

Writers tend to have their brains full of words and concepts. When I color, my mind shifts to color hues. My hand, which spends many hours at the keyboard, now uses its muscles differently as I grasp the pencils and fill in the patterns.

colored boat small

Coloring the intricate details helps me slow down.

My brain and small motor skills focusing on this activity help release stress and rev up my creativity. It’s like defragging a computer. Hidden empty space is rearranging so your computer’s brain has more space to store data. I’ve found coloring releases the words bogged down somewhere in my mind. Silent prayers flow out removing burdens. And my mantra—I can do all things through Christ—reemerges. For lack of a better word—It’s Awesome.


Other author friends engage their brains in jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, photography, quilting, sewing, crafts and playing instruments. And those writers with real artistic ability actually do oil painting and pottery. Each of these people find these activities the perfect defragger for the creative side of their brain.

colored fish-small

A large colleciion of colored pencils helps me create my imperfect masterpieces.

Every writer needs some other creative outlet beyond the written word to maintain mental alertness.

Aside from reading what is your favorite non-writing activity that destresses and restarts your creativity?

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