Wishing You Love

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As writers we don’t often get fan mail. Our reviews aren’t always kind, some are even cruel. There is no special day set aside–National Novelist Day or National Children’s Writer Day. Our accolades are often few and far between.

We may hear a condescending tone when they  remark: You’re a writer? Why would you do that? Or I could write a book. Makes us feel unappreciated. Some of us have family members who’ve never read our work. Never attended a book signing or even purchased our book for no other reason than being  kin.



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Today, I send you love.

Good Job!!



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You’re wonderful.

Your words have value.

Even in those times when discouragement grabs you about the throat and chokes out your creativity, know you are loved by a creator who gave you this gift. Who sits with you while you write cheering you on.



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Saint Valentine was martyred for secretly marrying soldiers rather than allowing them to live in sin, going against the Roman Emperor’s decreed.  I like to think that each writer is following their heart even when those around them  think their time could be better spent doing something else.

I’m proud of your perseverance. You continue creating words, sharing stories and helping your readers to understand truths and concepts. Without you the world would be a dismal place.

I wish you love today, fellow authors. Without us valentine cards would not exist. (You know I had to add that.)



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Sending you lots of love and encouragement.

Happy Valentines Day to all my readers.