An interview with Author Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

Today, I welcome a new to me author, Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild. She has led an interesting life and has several books published. I always like to hear writers share their journey with me and what sparked that journey.

Thank you Jacqueline for visiting with me today. Tell my readers why you started writing.

I think women crave a prettier, kinder, independent world. Through my restaurant, my shoppe and my stories, I show women how this can be achieved. How they can find that gem inside themselves and develop it into their dream career or hobby.

I inspire and encourage women to leave the rat race before they are forced out, and to become self-starters in all the ‘dream’ categories from running a bed and breakfast, tea room, bridal business, photographer, pastry chef, interior designer and floral designer, to name a few.

My stories include the beginning and end—the very young and the very old and the ties we make with them in the middle. And perhaps a bit of whimsical magic, because, after all, there is that magic inside of us that sometimes we just miss. I think of myself as Hallmark meets Disney.

I can so visualize that combination. What a great description. I understand you have a few series available.

I have two series at this time. My Mid-West series showcases a part of the country I now live in and care very much about. Estate of Mind, Make Me Over, The Scrap Book Trilogy, The Dating Agency series of four. My Nantucket series has recently found a new publisher. I have a special place in my heart for Nantucket and have been there countless times. I think it is a spot many people hear about but have not been. It is not the easiest place to get to as it is tucked away in the ocean. As a result, it has its own mystery and lure. I write about this. I also have several cookery books that I believe will be published soon. 

Cookbooks of local cuisine are always an interesting find when visiting an area. Jacquelyn, what is your lastest  project?

My newest story is being released soon. It is number three in my Nantucket Tuck You Inn Series: The Mermaid Mansion. 

 Do you believe in mermaids? Well, it’s a lot easier if you live on Nantucket. After all, that’s where they all are. It’s not that the Mermaid Mansion was cursed; it was just locked up for 100 years, with the understanding that at the appropriate time it be opened and restored. And the appropriate time, Tabatha Tucker proprietress of the Tuck You Inn next door, decided was now. 

Plucky five-year-old Clemmie enters her over worked interior designer mum in a contest to restore a mansion that had been locked 100 years–on Nantucket, next door to the elderly Miss Tabatha Tucker’s Tuck You Inn, simply because the child wants her mum’s life to be better.

Can a crayon drawing of a mansion and a mermaid get Miss Tabatha’s attention as a serious contestant? Apparently yes. 

Octogenarian Auntie Clara lands at the Tuck You Inn, with simply her scrap book. It seems whatever she puts in her scrap book happens … but other than a little mind reading, she assures Miss Tabatha she is quite normal. Auntie Clara not only has a need to be needed, she begins an ongoing friendship with 5 year old Clemmie. 

Once a broody Scot architect is in place, the mansion’s real work begins. But Auntie Clara and Clemmie discover similarities to the original mansion’s owners, Clemmie, her mum, and the architect. 

Come with me to a seven mile island that finds it easy to believe the sea is full of magic, and meet a five-year- old child who simply believes what she sees, and who not only solves the mystery of the mansion, helping the pirate and mermaid’s souls finally rest, but finds a dad and honorary grandma.  

For anyone who has read my Scrap Book Trilogy and met Auntie Clara, they will be happily reunited with her as she takes a permanent holiday to Nantucket.

Sounds like an fun story

 What kind of research went into this book? 

I feel very strongly about only writing about things I know. I have read so many great stories that fell short because the author missed a point or two of reality about something or other. My experiences are vast, and I have a lot to draw from. I have had the good fortune of being in so many of the fields women are interested in from being an Interior Designer, working at a florist, being an avid gardener, studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, running a British Tea Room (Her Majesty’s English Tea Room), being in the fashion business, having owned a photography business, being a gemologist, owning and running a boutique (Fairchild’s Ltd), being a cast member of the Murder Mystery troupe at Grand Hotel Mackinac Island,  and so many more.  I write about places I have been and feel comfortable with. I want to share these things with my readers. 

Seeing places first hand always adds to a story. Tell me what inspired you to write your book?

Like so many other writers, I have a story in me that wants to be told. I believe so many things that I write can comfort other people, especially with a message tucked in a novel. 

So true. Novels can speak to things that a reader might not talk to others about.

Do you have a favorite motto that resonates with you? 

Be true to yourself. 

If you could go back in time and give one piece of advice for your younger self about writing, what would that be? 

Whatever you are doing right now is important. It is making you who you are. You do not need to start your future career now, as a matter of fact your future career may change a million times. Your story will unfold. Live today and be true to yourself and this will take you where you are meant to go. 

Excellent advice. Too bad no one told us that when we were young.

Who is your best support system to keep you focused on your writing? 

I have a small writer’s group and we encourage each other. I try to always look to people doing better than me, no matter what their field of interest is. They are the true inspiration. People who follow their hearts and make their dreams come true.

What is your favorite genre to read for fun? 

I like cozy romance and cozy mystery. I also can while away an entire evening with a good cookbook. Travel books to places I love always capture me as I am an armchair traveler at times. As a former Interior Designer, I love the design books because a part of my heart always goes to interior design. 

Where is your favorite place to write? 

Anywhere I have a pen and my clip board. I can literally disappear into the characters I am working on. And I find sometimes a few minutes here and a few there keep me going. 

Today, Jacqueline is featuring Becoming Santa and Looking for Santa. You’ll find links to these books.

Becoming Santa, Book One of the Nantucket Tuck You Inn series

What if you were destined to become the next Santa Claus yet not only fought the idea—simply couldn’t grasp it?

Even if you were in love with the person proposing the idea to you? Even if your son felt he’d found his new mom? After all, how could you believe in something so totally outrageous when you don’t even believe in yourself…?

And when the love of your life leaves, because it is almost Christmas and she has work to do, you cast all logic to the winds and chase after her. Your only address is Santa’s Village, North Pole. Your planes get smaller until you find yourself on a train going through Candy Land and King Kandy himself taking you by sleigh to Santa’s Village.

A story of a young man who cannot believe in himself mind Santa Claus, and a young boy who doesn’t question his belief just feels he has found a mom.

Looking for Santa, Book Two in the Tuck You Inn Series

Santa Claus has a summer house on Nantucket! Absurd!

But ace New York Times reporter Max is on a ferry to the island, to satisfy his young nieces, when he meets the elusive Noel, part time dress designer for Nantucket’s #1 boutique, and part time designer to the first family of Santa’s Village, and starts to change his tune.

Is the entire island hiding Santa’s secret and if so what would it take to crack the exclusive circle of insiders—short of love?  But of course, first Max needs to believe …

Join me from the magical island of Nantucket to the North Pole and start to believe all over again .Take an arm chair visit to the enchanting island of Nantucket, and then zip right up to Santa’s Village all while immersing you in the world of high end magical fashion design. Just be prepared to hold on to your heart …

About Jackie:

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild writes cozy fiction stories that are escapes to countryside settings, and also on Nantucket Island. She writes of women who are ready to take the leap into starting their own business, or who just want to start over. At the heart of Jacqueline’s writing is the belief we all want a life that is just a little bit prettier and maybe a little bit magical.

Jacqueline owned Her Majesty’s English Tea Room, and her British store Fairchild’s, in the middle of the middle with her Pekingese, Piewacket and now runs an online shoppe and writes novels. A former Interior Designer who studied pastry at Le Cordon Bleu, her business was a finalist for Gift and Decorating Accessories Magazine’s Retailer of the Year award and won the prestigious Icon Award Americasmart Atlanta. Jacqueline is also a script writer and is a cast member of the Grand Hotel Murder Mystery Troupe.

Enjoy her daily blog at, and on Facebook at Her Majesty’s’ English Tea Room and Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild.

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Thank you for joining me today, Jackie.