OH NO!!! Another Change

WordPress has changed things up again. Each time I figure out how to maneuver through setting up a new post and can do it with ease, it changes. I’ve put off using the newest version, Guggenheim, because I don’t have time for more change. No, I don’t like dealing with change. There is enough of that on social media to make my head spin.

But this month WordPress gave me no choice. It’s not fair. I have no idea who decided these changes needed to be made. Reminds me of going to the grocery store and the aisles have been rearranged. The bread I planned take a minute to grab now takes extra time. The bakery items are now located in a different corner of the store. Even worse the store no longer carries that brand. I am left wasting precious moments reading labels to figure out which loaf is similar to my preference.

Two Choices

I have two choices regarding this new change: whine and complain or figure it out. The writing world, like my blog server, is constantly changing. If I’m not willing to learn new things and adapt, all those words I worked so hard to shape may never see their intended audience. There are times we need to abandon one technology for another. It’s not a bad thing to dip our foot into something new to see if it feels right. We just need to get past the initial shock of the shivery change.

The older I get the more challenging these changes become. Some things have been wonderful. For example, I am so happy that the PC has replaced the typewriter. Carbon copies and whiteout no longer plague me. I don’t miss putting a manuscript in the mail for a publisher with a SASE. But I do miss hand-written letters on lovely stationary, stamped and in my mailbox.

A New Kind of Different

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I’m figuring out Guggenheim as I write this blog. It’s not so terrible after all. Give me a few more posts and it should go smoother. Now I feel embolden to figure out other programs. YAY!

How about you? What new technology are you struggling to conquer?