Ceasing the Moments to Write

Well, my plan was to rise early to get some writing done. Because this day before thanks giving is going to be full of activity. I don’t have guests coming here but I need to prepare pies to take to my sisters. I have a chiropractor’s appointment this morning because it had to be moved from Monday. Having a new grandbaby is a great reason to move it. And then there is my monthly hair appointment. I almost slept in. I felt so lovely not to have to get up at 4:30. Well, I managed ten extra minutes. My six year old granddaughter woke me with tummy trouble. After some Imodium she is resting on the couch while I set at the other end typing this blog.

I have plans to finish other writing projects. Those are temporarily shifted in priority while I put musing that have taken over my mind with my granddaughter’s early morning need.

toddler girl sleeping

Write where you can when you can.

Often ideal moments never come. I am most productive early morning because by 9pm my brain is fried of all creativity. On my days off three or four hours of early morning writing is a blessing. On work days 20 or 30 minutes of vomiting thoughts on a page gives me a feeling of exhilaration.

Often the time I set aside to write gets shifted because family needs or a dirty bathroom take precedence. (You know how easy that toothpaste encrusted sink can turning into an hour of thoroughly cleaning the bathroom,)

Laptop will travel

There are times I take my laptop to a different location in my home to work. I’ve sat near the grandkids while they play. Wrote during commercials during family time. (This is the get the thoughts on paper kind of writing). Nothing really creative happens while your brain multi-task between TV and word craft.

My laptop may sit on the kitchen table while I pop something in the oven for dinner. Staying near the oven to actually hear the timer is preferred to hearing the smoke detector from my office. If the grandchildren insist on helping me cook the laptop remains ideal in my office.

I have a rolling desk in my bedroom. I can use it while propped up in bed which is a great place to stay when I don’t want any interruptions in the afternoon or early evening. My room is off limit to all family members. Except my hubby who lately has decided that’s a great time to take a nap or look as FB on his phone. The sound of snoring or chuckling become background noise to my writing process.

On your feet

When my back is sore from all the sitting I use my kitchen counter to get a few paragraphs on paper. That’s often the time I clear out my email, make comments on blogs I follow and post FB status. At least in those moments I’m growing my internet footprint and working on my platform.


At my day job and other places

My work uniform pockets, on slow days, often fill with scrapes of paper. Each containing either a writing to do list, a great line, story premise or a rewritten scene. My little notebook may come out in the car, the doctor’s waiting room or during a sermon to jot down the words, ideas and visions floating around in my head.

Because my writing life is rarely without interruptions I’ve learned to grab the time as I can. Whether pockets of time throughout a day or early morning watching over a sick child grabbing those moments gets me that much closer to completing my goals.

My goals

Getting paid to do the thing I love and share that love with as many people as I can.

What is your writing goal and how do you find time to write toward that goal?