Addicted to Books and Unashamed

I’m addicted to reading and unashamed. October is National Read-a-Book Month. That makes me sad. Reading only one book. It should be read lots of books. My healthy addiction has expanded my mind and relaxed me at the end of a hectic day.

Books spark the imagination in ways movies and video games never can.


An author’s superpower should be reading. Not just for enjoyment. Grab a book in a genre that’s trending or craft books to expand your knowledge of writng and the publishing world. And the research you find in books will fuel your writing superpower.


From a reader’s perspective we savor words, whether it’s a wonderful quote or a great turn of a phrase. Books transport the reader to places they’ve never been before.


I enjoy the history channel and documentaries, but nothing compares to reading the historical tomes and biographies to glean the knowledge for myself.

I believe the adage: the book is always better than the movie.

Reading touches the creative part of the brain forcing it to imagine what a character looks like or a setting based on the description.  Ever see the movie version of a book and be disappointed in who plays your favorite character?


Imaginations that are feed and nurtured through reading produce great inventions, a desire to explore new frontiers, and best-selling novels.


From my reading addiction point of view everyone should read at least one book a month. And writers should read at least one a week. Stimulating our brains with the written word and opening our mind’s eye to new concepts and perspectives whether we read, non-fiction or fiction, fantasy or biographies we will bring something new to our lives that we would have missed if we’d not journeyed through the pages of a book.


Have you ever read a biography that gave you a new insight into the time period of the historical character, something you didn’t learn in school? Have you ever enjoyed a classic novel, poetry or even Shakespeare, free of tests and analysis into the psyche of the author? How about curling up under a blanket and be whisk away to another time or a new universe? An author’s ability to make me feel a part of the story gives me joy.

Do you see now in my ramblings why I feel my addiction to reading has value and National Read-a-Book month should be changed to Read-a lot-of-Books month.

How about you are you an addict too?

What is your favorite kind of book to read?



I received a Kindle last year for Mother’s Day, and I am so loving it. As a writer it is imperative that I read—a lot. I love to buy books. I use the library, too, but I want the book when I want it. Buying books can become an expensive habit. I have found my Kindle so economical. Since receiving it I have spent less than $40 on books all year. Yet, I have downloaded almost 100 books.

Finding free e-books

Want to know my secret? First I look at the free e-book downloads offered on Amazon. Those change weekly. There are all your classics: Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, Arthur Conan Doyle, and more. Each week there are books by well-known and new authors to choose from. Click the buy button, and they download instantly.

Peruse the list

Rather than mindlessly downloading every free book, I read the descriptions and some of the reviews.  I have found new favorite authors that way. Unfortunately, I have also found some badly written novels or some that weren’t my cup of tea.  Hey, they are free, and I can simply delete them.

Friend Authors

Second, I friend lots of writers on Facebook. They post when theirs or other authors books are free to download. The trick is to not wait. Often it’s only available for a day or two. This is a marketing strategy for them. Some authors offer a previously published book to attract our attention to purchase the sequel. Sometimes it’s their latest. I download the book and pass on the info to my friends.

Because they are so gracious to make them available I often post book reviews. That in turn generates sales for the author.

Borrowing e-books

Many libraries allow you to borrow e-books, and you can now lend a book to a friend’s Kindle or kindle app. The only catch is you must read it in two weeks before it disappears from your device.

E-books and “real” books

I still adore the feel of a book in my hand. I love being able to go back to the very page that inspired me.  This is my preference for books on writing. My shelves are filled with highlighted tomes of helpful information. You can highlight as you read your Kindle (I haven’t figured that out yet.) and save those clips to download to your computer. Not quite ready to embrace that application. I am resisting it like I did Facebook and LinkedIn a few years ago.

Nook and other e-book applications offer free books, as well. This is a good way to test drive a book before you purchase. Hooked: write fiction that grabs readers at page one and never lets them go by Les Edgerton had so much to offer that I ordered several copies to give my writers group.

What has your experience been with e-book technology?