Focusing On my Writing Helps During Stressful Times


This week has been more than hairy. My father ended up in the hospital in the midst of getting my parent’s house on the market. My Dad is already in a memory care unit and now it’s time to move my mom to assisted living. My father’s hospital stay was a nightmare and now he is in rehab with hopes of restoring function after a hard fall. He’s 87 so it won’t be easy. As POA (power of attorney) for my parents, all the decisions fall on me.  My mom needs extra attention during this time and must be removed from her home every time someone wants to view her house. She has three doctor’s appointments this week as well.

These things on top of other life events make it difficult to function at times. Yet, I find writing to be my lifeline. I’ve had to prepare two guest blogs and work on my WTP while doing other pre-pub prep for my novel’s release. Writing has been unbelievably helpful with the stress I’m under.

Some of you probably think I’m weird. I get that. In the past writing would always take a back seat to whatever else came along. It was something I did when I had time. Something I did during free moments. And certainly not in the middle of the messes of life.

As I’ve gotten older and life has not slowed down around me I have no choice. If I want to make this writing thing work I have to press forward. Maybe I can’t reach all my writing goals for the week. Every week I create a too long to-do list. That’s just my nature. If I can accomplish anything on that list during a stressful time it seems to give me balance.

Balance helps me cope. Coping leads me to pray with more clarity. Increased prayer leads me to peace. And peace helps me manage the extreme stress of my present situation.

Psalms 29:11 The Lord will give strength to His people; The Lord will bless His people with peace.


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