Photos To Get Your Writing Muse Moving

Today I thought I’d post a few photos as writing prompts. These are characters my husband capture on film from the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Each character may spark a story idea individually. You might be inspired by a combination of all three. Your mind may capture a single color or small detail that will send your fingers flying over the keyboard. Although these images might evoke a fantasy tale it doesn’t have too. Do you see a mystery? Do you hear their inner dialogue? Can you sense an adventure? What do you see with your writer’s mind? Share your creation in the comments. I’d love to read them.



Photo by Charles Huff

Faire-living statue 3

Photo by Charles Huff


photo by Charles Huff

Because I want to read all the comments I receive let’s add to the challenge and limit the word count to 100 words. It’ll give you practice for when you need to tighten up your manuscript by eliminating words.

Post your 100 word story in the comments.

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